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Ciekawostki i rekordy zwierzeta

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The current undo/redo implementation is taken directly from GtkSourceView?. This is not good because text that other people have written may be undone. We need a proper undo/redo handling in libobby.

Change History

Changed 9 years ago by phil

  • milestone changed from libobby 0.2.0 to libobby 0.3.0

This is scheduled post-0.2.0 as we want to get 0.2.0 out of the door as soon as possible.

Changed 9 years ago by phil

  • milestone changed from libobby 0.3.0 to libobby 0.4.0

This is scheduled post-0.3.0 as we want to get 0.3.0 out of the door as soon as possible.

Changed 9 years ago by armin

  • milestone changed from libobby 0.4.0 to Gobby 0.5.0

Delaying it further. I do not guarantee that it gets into 0.5.0, but there is no further milestone :).

Changed 9 years ago by armin

  • milestone changed from Gobby 0.5.0 to libobby 0.5.0

Changed 8 years ago by aripollak@…

Is there any particular reason that disabling Undo/Redo is preferable to being able to accidentally delete an entire document with no way of getting it back? It doesn't seem like the current behavior of disabling Undo is an advantage at all.

Changed 8 years ago by ssamsam@…

looking forward to this being added

Changed 7 years ago by ben.hengst@…

I'm rather new to gobby but I would think that the only way that a usable undo feature could be implemented would be as a roll back to a version type of system. This would require that every edit by every member to the doc is stored in a history, then undo would allow for you to pick edits that you want or don't. Though that sounds very complex and I don't know if it's really needed. Currently the only case that I can think of where undo would be nice is to undo a delete that some one did... so thats why I favor a full version/change stack.

Changed 7 years ago by klaas@…

Lack of Undo capabilities is a definite show stopper for use of Gobby for me (I'm thinking seriously of using Gobby for pair programming). I think lot's of things could be added at relatively low cost (configurable by the user):

'private' undo until this bumps into conflicts with other users global undo as an option

As stated above - having this is very much preferable over not being able to undo at all.... also because people expect things to be more complicated (as regarding undo) in a multi-people editor.

As a further development you could lots, I'll probably write about this in the near future but want to get up to speed with the mailinglists first.

Changed 7 years ago by armin

I already implemented collaborative Undo that works well in several (more or less) complicated test cases. This is part of a rewrite of the underlaying synchronization mechanism. I think its not far from being usable, but university eats up most of my time right now. Perhaps I can make gobby use it around the turn of the year. Perhaps not. But I couldn't implement "lots of things that could be added at relatively low cost" instead anyway.

Changed 7 years ago by gpearman@…

Is this feature ever going to be implemented? It's a bit of a show-stopper, really.

Changed 7 years ago by armin

Yes. Give me a few more months, please, or consider helping out.

Changed 6 years ago by gobby@…

Okay, I'll bite!

How do I help out?

Changed 6 years ago by augomat@…

gobby is awesome but really impossible to use for serious coding (that's what it's intended for, isn't it?) because of lacking undo/redo possibility. should be first priority, really...

any idea when the feature will be available? and what must be edited in the source to use the already existing (but not usable over the gui)-undo/redo-functionality? (just for trying...)

Changed 6 years ago by armin

Undo is already available in the experimental tree. Check out git://git.0x539.de/git/infinote.git and the gobby-infinote branch of git://git.0x539.de/git/gobby.git if you want to try it out.

There is no switch to turn Undo support on in obby, and if there was, then there is no possibilty to trigger the Undo action in Gobby. The code is simply not working and only represent some early experiments of mine. I don't actually know how it got into the tarball in the first place...

Changed 6 years ago by anonymous

  • milestone libobby 0.5.0 deleted

Milestone libobby 0.5.0 deleted

Changed 6 years ago by anonymous

I'm definitely interested in Undo support. It's now a show-stopper as I'm using Gobby for collaborating on the documentation for a project, but it would be very much welcome.

Changed 6 years ago by armin

  • status changed from new to closed
  • resolution set to fixed

Undo/Redo is implemented in Gobby 0.4.90.

Changed 3 years ago by monia27

  • summary changed from Undo/Redo to Ciekawostki i rekordy zwierzeta

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