and .


14:26 Ticket #131 (Send keep-alives to notice dropped clients) created by phil
Even if I personally like the failure-proof Gobby where one could be …
14:22 Ticket #130 (Reopen join dialog after failed connection attempt) created by phil
As raised in [https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/gobby/+bug/3775


13:24 Ticket #126 (Crash: Double-click on subscribe) closed by obby
fixed: (In [743]) /gobby: changeset Disable subscribe button when subscription …
12:44 Ticket #129 (Enhanced configuration storage) created by phil
Gobby should use gconf when compiled with Gnome support and the …
12:43 Ticket #128 (Configuration file support) created by phil
Sobby should support configuration files, maybe as XML files. Parameters …


23:17 Ticket #127 (sobby should save files on server) created by quietscheente@…
We would use Gobby with sobby on our server to realize a project. Now we …
13:30 Ticket #125 (GNUTLS errors should be handled) closed by armin
fixed: Fixed in [739].


19:38 Ticket #126 (Crash: Double-click on subscribe) created by phil
One might double-click onto the Subscribe button in the document window …
19:28 Uploads created by phil
19:27 Features edited by phil


23:40 Ticket #125 (GNUTLS errors should be handled) created by phil
GNUTLS errors raise exceptions which are not yet caught. Even a lost …
23:38 Ticket #124 (Blocking on huge documents) created by phil
Gobby should not block for filling the packet queue when huge documents …
19:51 Ticket #45 (High CPU load while writing) closed by armin
fixed: Seems to be better now, using obby's new document type feature.


22:59 Ticket #30 (Implement records to (un)indent lines of text) closed by phil
invalid: This ticket is obsolete.
22:59 Ticket #28 (Hide equivalent insert / change calls) closed by phil
invalid: This ticket is obsolete.
22:46 WikiStart edited by phil
22:43 WikiStart edited by phil
22:39 Features created by phil
22:38 WikiStart edited by phil


20:45 InstallationGuide edited by phil
Gobby 0.2.0 is no longer available as a Debian package (diff)


21:30 InstallationGuide edited by anonymous
updated versions of Debian packages (diff)


13:12 ReleaseNotes edited by tom@…
Updated to the great [G,S]obby 0.3.0 release (diff)


20:59 ReleaseNotes edited by anonymous


20:10 Ticket #123 (Font types and sizes) created by phil
One should be able to specify font types and sizes of the editor. This is …


08:36 Ticket #122 (gobby + sobby segfault immediately upon starting a session) closed by alex
invalid: gobby+sobby work like a charm now, my system was borked. Apologies for the …


17:35 Ticket #122 (gobby + sobby segfault immediately upon starting a session) created by alex
I'm using the gentoo ebuilds for gobby-0.3.0 etc. If I run sobby, I get …


20:10 Ticket #121 (IP listen) created by phil
Sobby should support listening on specific IPs. This requires changes in …


19:23 Ticket #120 (Chat history at client start) created by jm.trivial@…
When gobby join a session, chat window could display last messages (ie …


18:18 Ticket #119 (Sobby crash) created by jm.trivial@…
== Problem description == Sobby crashes when a gobby client subscribes …
17:53 Ticket #109 (Encryption support) reopened by armin
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