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16:10 Ticket #570 (Gobby::Browser: hostname entry not accessible) closed by phil
fixed: Fixed in git. […]
16:07 Changeset [98f769d5b33d21449d2b2d2b7a50323bd677c2ac] by Philipp Kern <pkern@…>

Make direct connection host name entry field accessible. ...

15:13 Ticket #571 (Gobby: tab cycling broken) created by phil
It's not possible to fully tab cycle through the window. You always get …
15:12 Ticket #570 (Gobby::Browser: hostname entry not accessible) created by phil
Gobby::Browser::m_entry_hostname is a custom widget derived from a combo …
15:09 Ticket #569 (InfGtkBrowserView: missing accessibility) created by phil
InfGtkBrowserView? is not accessible. All you get is "Connected TREE LEVEL …


14:37 Ticket #568 (Server crash on server close (Windows)) created by improfane
On Windows Vista with Gobby 0.5, the infinoted-0.5 crashes when I close it …


00:30 Ticket #567 (Status display not correctly updated/cleared) created by phil
Debian bug #636051: > Trying to connect …
00:11 Download edited by armin
Update for libinfinity 0.5.1 (diff)
00:11 WikiStart edited by armin
Announce libinfinity 0.5.1 (diff)


23:34 Ticket #556 (infinoted dies after sync-interval) closed by armin
fixed: This has been fixed in …


12:17 Changeset [0a83176a220fc31af9b78e7bf11fcd30e3c35cef] by Philipp Kern <pkern@…>

create directories with mode 0700 (Debian bug #636015)

2011-07-30 ...


15:53 Ticket #566 (Autosave should be the default) created by phil
Autosave should always be turned on with some sane interval, because …
15:52 Ticket #565 (Please warn when unknown keys are used) created by phil
infinoted doesn't warn when unknown keys are used. This might even cause …
15:03 Ticket #564 (gobby crashes with a failed assertion in inf-text-gtk-view.c:978) created by phil
When subscribing to a specific document I got …


11:20 Ticket #563 (infinoted does not build on mac os x) closed by armin
fixed: Thanks for the patch, I applied it to master and libinfinity-0.5.
03:32 Ticket #563 (infinoted does not build on mac os x) created by nairboon
infinoted-pam.c:29:31: error: security/pam_appl.h: No such file or …
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