Important: Read carefully the section which applies to you in our installation guide. If you want to upgrade from an older version, be sure to have read the Upgrade page


Gobby 0.5 Microsoft Windows: Gobby 0.4.94 (6.6 MB). You can safely have installed both Gobby 0.4.94 and other versions of the 0.4 line (Gobby 0.4.x) together on the same machine as long as they are installed into different locations. Debian: Just sudo apt-get install gobby-infinote to fetch Gobby 0.5 or use any other package manager of your choice. Ubuntu: Current versions ship with Gobby 0.5 Just click on this link or use a package manager of your choice to install the package "gobby-infinote". Fink: Just fink install gobby.

Gobby 0.4 Microsoft Windows: Gobby 0.4 (7 MB) We recommend that you uninstall any previous versions of Gobby before installing a new version. Debian: Just sudo apt-get install gobby to fetch Gobby 0.4 or use any other package manager of your choice. Ubuntu: Current, supported versions ship with Gobby 0.4. Just click on this link or use a package manager of your choice to install the package "gobby". Source Mage: cast gobby Gentoo: Add net-libs/net6 ~x86, net-libs/obby ~x86 and app-editors/gobby ~x86 as distinct lines to /etc/portage/package.keywords (and replace x86 to state your architecture, if yours differs). Afterwards an emerge --ask =app-editors/gobby-0.4* will be sufficient to install Gobby. MacPorts: Sync your tree with sudo port selfupdate, then run sudo port install gobby. Please note: There might be issues popping up on the way, for which we are not responsible. Please use the MacPorts bug tracker to report problems. (Unless you are certain that the problem is in the portfiles of either net6, obby, gobby or sobby.) OpenSuSE, Fedora & others: Gobby sobby NetBSD's pkgsrc: Gobby has been imported into their repository. Please follow the usual instructions to install it. See the README for details.

Gobby 0.3 Gentoo: emerge =gobby-0.3* Ubuntu Dapper Drake: apt-get install gobby Fedora Core 5 Extras: yum install gobby

Source Code

PackageStableCurrentOlder versions
net61.3.12 -
obby0.4.7 -
gobby0.4.12 0.5.0
sobby0.4.7 -
libinfinity - 0.6.4

Git Repository

We use Git as version control system. If you are interested to get most up to date source code of our projects, you may check out the repositories using the following commands. Note however that the source code in the repository may not even compile and may be API/ABI incompatible with older versions. It is also possible that the obby protocol has changed, so you cannot even collaborate with the current stable version of Gobby. You also need autoconf and automake to compile code from our repository, as you need to run autoreconf after you successfully checked out a copy. Running configure with --enable-maintainer-mode is suggested where applicable. This will automatically re-run autoconf and automake as necessary during make.

PackageCommandWeb interface
net6git clone git:// code browser: net6
obbygit clone git:// code browser: obby
gobbygit clone git:// code browser: gobby
sobbygit clone git:// code browser: sobby
libinfinitygit clone git:// code browser: infinote